The de luxe Atlas Fitness&Spa complex offers you to use the full range of services in order to be healthy and beautiful.

The Atlas Fitness&Spa is known for its relaxed atmosphere and exceptional comfort. There are swimming pool, gym, martial arts hall, massage and cosmetic parlours at your disposal. Your family and you can have a really good rest from the hustle and bustle of a city and deep into the world of harmony and health thanks to the stunning interior, the world-beating equipment and European service in our hotel.
The modern and easy system of club cards will definitely help you to make your own schedule for your family visits in our Atlas Fitness&Spa complex in Donetsk, Spa-certificates can become a desired and pertinent present for any holiday.

First floor

The Aqua Center is located on the first floor of our complex, where you may find not only a splendid swimming pool but also a classic Roman steam room, a boutique Atlas Home&Spa with well-known brands, moreover a cozy fresh-bar with fitness cocktails are waiting for you. For our youngest guests we can provide the Kid's room with professional babysitters.
Phone +38 062 381 79 11 / +38 071 332 03 01

Second floor

The second floor of the Atlas Fitness&Spa complex provides you with an opportunity to use the spacious gym, which is equipped with modern press and cardio equipment, the martial arts hall and a fitness-diagnostics room. You will be able to visit the awe-inspiring training classes on aikido, jiu-jitsu and boxing at the martial arts hall. The unique TANITA device at the fitness-diagnostics room will help you to diagnose a condition of your health.
Phone +38 062 381 79 11 / +38 071 332 03 01

Third floor

The Beauty and Relaxation Zone is located oh the third floor of the Atlas Fitness& Spa complex and offers you a whole package of services of massage rooms. The exclusive Spa-duets for couple treatments, unique and the only one in Donetsk collagenarium (a equipment for rejuvenating face and body skin), aerobic and pilates halls, a package of bath treatment and beauty salon are provided here for you. Special individual programs which are developed for invigoration and rejuvenation will help you to get pleasure from visiting the beauty and health zone.
Phone +38 062 381 79 10 / +38 071 381 98 00